Still Procrastinating

Well, I haven’t done much better. At least I haven’t blogged for two weeks. My goal was every week. I have found some time to write. I reviewed a chapter of my critique partner’s work in progress. And I’ve had some time to do a little exploring of children’s literature.

I bring this up, because part of my plexus has to do with my children and grandchildren – wanting to leave a legacy. Wouldn’t it be neat to write a short story or two (or a children’s picture book) with the main character being one of your grandchildren. Or better yet, wouldn’t it be nice to write a book for each of them, in which they are the protagonist (the main character).

Today I sketched out a rough drafts of three stories. One for each grandchild. And next year there will be four. Now I need to read the books and study how these stories should be written.

In any case, it’s wonderful to find some time to write. I hope that I can incorporate leaving a legacy with my grandchildren.

So what legacy do you wish to leave with your grandchildren? What special activities do you do together? What gifts do you make for your grandchildren? How do you want to be remembered?