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Back on the Rack Again.

All of us who give advice must admit to hypocrisy, occasionally…or often. Well, it’s my turn now.

I’ve been writing about this grand idea of determining our plexus, and arranging our life in a meaningful and fulfilling way. I wrote about ridding our lives of the things that bind us to the rack, and finding those things that we weave into the plexus (network) of what we want to be doing with our life. In other words, getting rid of things that waste our time, and hanging on to things that are important and fulfilling.

Well, I haven’t been doing that, not lately. My wife and I are fixing up the house I grew up in. We’re planning to move into that house next summer. I have haven’t been doing much of the remodeling, but I’ve been involved in the decision making. We traveled to pick out counter tops. I’ve met with subcontractors. And now it’s time to get ready for winter: cutting firewood, cleaning out some areas of the house, refinishing some old cabinets. Plus, there are things to do at the office to winterize the office. I’ve been so busy I haven’t been writing…not at all. No time in the mornings at the office. Too tired in the evening after all the paperwork is done. None. Nada.

And it’s killing me. It’s turned me into an old grump. My wife is a saint to put up with me. But I have to get back to the writing…soon.

My plan is to begin reserving some mornings for writing as soon as the firewood is cut. But until then, stay away. I’m breathing fire.

So what are things that demand your time, and keep you away from what you want to be doing? What solutions have you put into place? Did they work?