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A collection of short stories written by winners of the first “Storming the Short Story” contest. My story, “A Rumspringa Storm,” follows young Ruth Yoder as she struggles with relationships and makes decisions for her future that will take her to a whole new world. Will she find a purpose and meaning for life with her new family?

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A collection of short stories written by the winners of the second “Storms” contest. This anthology contains two of my stories. “Fred and Ginger” shows a widower’s awakening when a new dance instructor intrudes on his boring life. “The Dance of the Light Brigade,” science fiction, follows a young officer as he makes the ultimate sacrifice to save Planet Earth.

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CHILDHOOD REGAINED: Stories of Hope for Asian Child Workers

A charity anthology, this collection of short stories was compiled by editor, Jodie Renner, to raise money for groups working to end child labor in Asia. The stories not only raise awareness of the horrible conditions children are forced to work in, but also give hope that change is possible. My three stories were written at the invitation of the editor: “Sanjay’s Mountain” shows a young boy’s courageous escape from a carpet shack and his journey through higher education to serve his own people in Nepal. “River of Life” shows a young orphan’s creative use of welding tools and the help of his friends to escape a junkyard imprisonment and begin a new life. “Frozen Tears” follows a young girl as all emotion is drained from her life in the sex trade, in a collapsing sewing factory, and finally a switched identity and escape. Following years of rehabilitation and education, she finds hope and purpose and regains the ability to experience emotion once again.

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MARK OF THE FIRE, my first novel, is Christian suspense. Delta Force chopper pilot, Corey Brent, returns to the States six years after being shot down and left for dead in the Colombian jungle. When he searches for the Navy SEAL who was responsible for the attack, he finds him in the pulpit of a country church – a preacher. Corey quickly learns that the SEAL is still involved in the drug trade. But when he discovers the real evil behind the drug cartel, he realizes he needs a higher power. Will he be able to expose the SEAL and rescue the little church? Will he survive to uncover the powerful organization behind the cartel before they destroy him?

MARK OF THE FIRE is finished and in search of an agent and publisher.

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