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In Honor of Granddaughters – 3

Regan Rose. She turned two on July 11. We made it to her birthday party. She and her mom and dad (and future sister) live in northern Ohio. We don’t get to see them enough.

Regan is special, tiny and petite, and always on the go. With blond hair and blue eyes, she is going to be a boy magnet. I hope her dad is ready to watch her like a hawk.

She’s speaking in clear sentences already. All the time she spends with grandmother (babysitting) and other adults is showing up in a very precocious young lady.

She, like Averie, is cautious in opening up to people she is around. And that’s a good thing. Since we don’t visit her enough, it takes awhile for her to warm up to us each new time.

At her party, it was fun to watch her playing with cousins, blowing bubbles, competing for toys, and playing in the wading pool.

We need to find more times to visit Regan and her parents. She is growing up too quickly.

In Honor of Granddaughters -2

In my previous blog, I wrote about Brooklyn, my youngest granddaughter.

This blog is dedicated to Averie. She’s our second youngest. And she just turned one year.

We missed her birthday party because we were traveling to Florida to see Brooklyn. But when we got back we visited Averie for her own private birthday party.

She’s walking now. She’s so cute when she toddles from couch to couch. And she has a special stare she uses until she’s certain that she knows you. It’s a piercing scrutiny, like “I’m not sure who you are or why you are here.” Then when she breaks into the cutest little grin, you know you passed muster.

She was tiny when she was born, and a little slow to get started growing. But she’s making up for that now. She looks like she could end up bigger than her older brother. And she’s growing quickly.

She’s also learning how to defend herself, with slapping from older brother. Of course, she often initiates the slapping match. I think she knows the buttons to push to get him into trouble. She’ll bear watching.

Averie was very quiet in her first few months. I often wondered whether she was hearing okay. And she ended up needing tubes in her ears. Now that she’s been treated, she hears perfectly. And she can be quite vocal.

It will be fun watching her grow up. Living in the local community, we hope to have lots of opportunities to spend time with her and teach her things grandparents teach their grandchildren.

What are the best memories you have of granddaughters? Or of grandparents when you were young?